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Meet Nicole

Founder of Date + Time Event Co.

Nicole is a Miami native with a passion for serving people and a natural gift for hosting. Whether it’s a dinner party at her house, a friend's milestone, or a client’s special day, she finds equal joy and inspiration in creating unforgettable life moments. In addition to planning, Nicole loves to customize events and make them each, their own, unique experience. She uses her artistry to personalize her clients’ events with handmade signage, even onsite. Her biggest smiles stem from seeing people happy and knowing that she had something to do with it. If she’s not in planning mode or creating custom signage, you can find her at a home store scoping out the next piece for her home-sweet-home or at a restaurant satisfying her foodie heart.

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About Date + Time Event Co. 

Date + Time Event Co. is a full event planning and design company in Miami, FL with over 10 years of experience. We are focused on serving you by setting the perfect mood for life’s most cherished moments. Our goal is to allow you the freedom to truly soak-in and live out every moment of your special day with your loved ones. With our heavy attention to detail and logistics, we strive to deliver a seamless event so you can focus on what’s important.

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